VIDEO / “Feet” from Iran, the unique artist paints Cristiano Ronaldo

13:35 | 01 Dhjetor 2020

Her name is Fatima Hamami, she is 32 years old and she has been paralyzed since she was born. Lack of oxygen to the brain shot fatally for the little girl from Iran. Anyway, God gave him a great talent and passion for painting.

She is a unique artist and much loved by the Iranian people. For a long time, her fame has crossed the borders of her country, as she manages to make fantastic portraits with her legs!

She is generally focused on painting animals and butterflies, while recently experimenting with footballers. At first he realized the portrait of Ali Daei, the former captain and record holder of the Iranian national team with 109 goals scored.

Then it was Leo Messi’s turn, as he recently dealt with Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Juventus and Portugal. A very beautiful and special realization for Fatiman, who uses her feet instead of her hands.

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