Ronaldo reveals two sports he prefers to watch before football (Photo)

09:26 | 15 Dhjetor 2020

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo reveals that he prefers to watch boxing or the UFC before another football match.

The Portuguese is one of the best players in history and yesterday he was selected in the 11th best for all time. Ronaldo loves football and passion, but when it comes to television he prefers to define boxing or the UFC. “Playing football is my passion, you prefer to watch other sports on TV.”

“Between a football match, or boxing, or a fight in the UFC, I choose boxing or the UFC,” he said. Despite his age, Ronaldo will not stop and in the last round he scores the 100th goal for Juventus and makes the first players in the last embarrassment that reaches the change of 400 victories in five European leagues.

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