Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s luxury home, this is how it is decorated for the holidays

00:05 | 11 Dhjetor 2020

Cristiano and Georgina have started preparations for the holiday season.

Among the most talked about couples are Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez. The couple are very active on social networks, in which we bring pictures of everyday life and the happiest moments spent together. The most active in this regard is Georgina, who often shares videos and photos with children.

Finally, she posted some videos, in which she brought pictures inside her super-luxury home and Ronaldo. With those videos we see that the couple has already started the preparations for the end-of-year holidays and that every corner of the house is decorated. “Good night,” she wrote above one of the videos, while in one part of the room the children are seen standing together.

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