“If I win the Champions League, you will give up alcohol and drugs!”

20:11 | 07 Dhjetor 2020

“If I win the Champions League, you will give up alcohol and drugs!”
Except he is one of the best footballers. Cristiano Ronaldo is very close to his family. The Portuguese is very close to his older brother Hugo. He even saved his life!Image may contain: 2 people, indoor

In 2014, Hugo was going through a difficult period. He spent every day under the influence of alcohol and drugs, his life was in danger.
CR7 could not see his brother in that condition and decided to do something to change Hugo’s condition. He made a deal with him that if he won the Champions League, Hugo would give up alcohol and drugs. A big challenge for the second, especially for Cristiano, who was not only trying to win the competition for himself, but also for his brother.
But you know what Ronaldo did with the pressure, he turns it into extra motivation. That year, the Portuguese won the Champions League with Real in a tough match against Atletico. After the match CR7 ran towards his brother and hugged him whispering, “Now it’s your turn.”
Hugo kept his promise and is no longer addicted to alcohol and drugs. That day, the little brother became the inspiration for the big brother. ”
Respect ❤️

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