“I was an ugly duck, I turned into a swan” / How Georgina Rodriguez transformed

13:26 | 01 Dhjetor 2020

Georgina Rodriguez spoke for the first time about her life before she became famous. “When I was little I was like an ugly duck. Then I turned into a swan “, this is how one of the most beautiful women begins the story.

When I was born, no one would have believed that I would later become beautiful. However, complexes are useless. Ufff with complexes! I love myself as I am, with perfection. No one is perfect, but we are unique. “This is already a special thing in itself,” said Ronaldo’s girlfriend.

She further stated: “I am a girl with few friends, but when I have a friend, it is real. I give myself wholeheartedly. From an early age, I could count my friends with the fingers of one hand. Gradually I met wonderful people and my fingers are gone… But yes, not everyone has my faith. If there are so many people contacting me now? For example, people I have had contact with once in my life and never again. You get to know each other and they reappear as if they were close friends.
But fortunately, there are people who have always been there and continue to behave in the same way. I truly love my people, with all my heart; and so it will be forever. I am very generous with people who show kindness, responsibility, dedication, perseverance. “I love workers, I am surrounded by real people.”

How do you protect yourself from criticism?

I have a motto: Whatever you do, you will be criticized. It’s so simple, you can not please everyone. Unfortunately, there is a lot of envy towards Cristiano Ronaldo and me. Envy is a feeling that makes the human being rot, does not allow it to evolve; fills it with hatred and resentment. It seems that it is better to be born rich from birth, that others have no choice but to accept the changes, if they already come from an adjective, than to have the good fortune to improve from the same starting point as most of the population. Envy does much harm, not so much to those who receive it than to those who manifest it. I’m sorry for them! I try to understand why it is happening and not feel anything negative towards those feelings.
Do you feel privileged?

I am. Not for the material things I own, but for the health and love of my family. Whoever has it, is privileged. Whoever has peace of mind, does not need to fight the disease, or see a family member suffering, is privileged. My father became ill and fought for three years; it is something that changes your life and the way you look at things. All trivial things take second place. I have always been very mature and aware of the importance of health, but after something like that happened, I became more responsible in this regard. I have a good financial situation and I am grateful for life. But it has not always been so. I am aware of both extremes. Since I have lived them, I value what I have more than anyone else. Like my partner, who also lived a very humble childhood, with no luxuries.


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