How Good Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Son?

18:09 | 12 Dhjetor 2020

For fans of a certain vintage, the new generation emerging will have them feeling all misty-eyed – either because of fond memories or how old they’ll feel.

From Erling Haaland and Marcus Thuram, to Giovanni Reyna and Justin Kluivert, European football is now peppered by the offspring of players from a bygone era.

And there’s already another wave behind them building momentum. Academies throughout Europe bear the responsibility of nurturing some hallowed names, so who will be the next prodigy to carve out their own career over the next few years?Arsene Wenger wanted Robin van Persie’s son to join Arsenal’s academy when he was still playing for the Gunners and he declined. Now, we could one day see a second Van Persie break Arsenal hearts.

Shaqueel already looks like a reincarnation of his dad and his sublime acrobatic volley for Feyenoord’s Under-15s versus Ajax was classic RvP. It’s probably not a great surprise to many the 13-year-old striker is now twinning his dad on the pitch, given the pair have gone viral in the past for their synchronised skill videos.


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