Georgina Rodriguez’s most popular Instagram posts including loved-up photos with Cristiano Ronaldo

17:24 | 12 Dhjetor 2020

NO wonder she’s one of the most followed women on Instagram in the world.

Stunning Georgina Rodriguez, 26, has amassed an astonishing 22 million fans on the social media networkGorgeous Georgina Rodriguez has amassed over 22 million followers on Instagram

.Gorgeous Georgina Rodriguez has amassed over 22 million followers on Instagram

Gorgeous Georgina Rodriguez has amassed over 22 million followers onBut what's Georgina's most liked Instagram photo?

And not only are they given a window into her glam life with Cristiano Ronaldo, they are treated to sexy snaps shared by the Spanish beauty.Of course, they generate millions of likes – but what is her most well-liked image on Instagram? Let SunSport tell you.

No, not a distant relative of famed board-treader Jeremy.Here Rodriguez shows she’s not afraid to approach housework by hanging up some washing.However, the brunette stunner chooses to do things a bit differently.Showing off her derriere got her 3.2 million likes.Housework is important to Georgina

Few women in this world can pull off a red dress.Luckily for Georgina, she can and this stunning snap made 3.4 million followers click their like buttons.The photo was celebrating her man.”My everything,” she wrote as the caption with Ronaldo clinging onto her hands.Lady in red Georgina stuns in this figure-hugging dress

They say a way to man’s heart is through his stomach.And it appears Georgina subscribes to that theory, serving Cristiano his lunch onboard their private yacht.She wears a figure-hugging red dress that shows off her curves.Rodriguez writes with the image that’s liked 3.5 million times: “Enjoy your meal, my love.”Georgina serves up a treat for Ronaldo's lunch

Georgina’s Instagram is filled with snapshots of her amazing lifestyle.And one of the perks of being with a superstar footballer is the incredible holidays you get to go on.Georgina in a blue bikini on Ronaldo’s lap was a particular favourite with 3.5 million followers.A heart emoji for the caption says it all.3.5 million followers liked this photo of Georgina sat on Ronaldo's lap

Maintenance is high on Georgina’s things to do.A former shopping assistant with Gucci, she knows how to look the part.Dressed in a lacy bodysuit, here she applies eyeliner – and at the same time shows off her incredible body that has 3.6 million likes.”What your eyes say your soul whispers,” she writes as a caption.

One of the many themes of Georgina’s Insta is family life.Often, she will post images of herself with the Ronaldo brood – showing that family comes first.In this photo liked 3.7 million times they’re sat on the deck of the boot, with Georgina showing off a thong.They look the perfect family.The Ronaldos sit on the deck of their yacht

Continuing the holiday and family theme, the Ronaldos clearly love a beach day.In an image shared back in August, Georgina carries the buckets and spades as they all dip their toes in the sea.Georgina’s blue bikini is in full view – as well as Cristiano’s chiselled abs – in a post liked 3.8 million times.The sensible Wag also wears a baseball cap to save her scalp from sunburn.Georgina shows off her bikini body on holiday with the family

No one can argue that Georgina radiates true beauty.At least 4.1 million followers agree, who all hit their like buttons on an image showing Rodriguez’s flawless complexion.She’s wearing red – which seems to be her favourite colour – and is, of course, the colour of love.A gold necklace completes her look she describes in the caption with a fire emoji.Georgina radiates beauty wearing a gold necklace

There’s no doubt about it.When Georgina and Cristiano go out on a date night, they always look on a point.And it’s clear that having her man in her photos does bump up the number of likes – 4.6 million on this lovely snap.”YESS”, Georgina captions the photo – and we don’t disagree.Nobody does date night better than Georgina and Ronaldo

Georgina isn’t afraid of showing her love and admiration for her famous partner.”How lucky I feel,” she writes in the caption for a photo kissing Ronaldo onboard their yacht.An incredible 4.9 million followers liked this one.No wonder she’s happy.Georgina's most liked Instagram snap is her kissing Ronaldo

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