Cristiano Ronaldo is a father again… to two new children!

20:32 | 09 Dhjetor 2020

The Portuguese striker has announced that he has two new additions to his family following his country’s Confederations Cup defeat to Chile.Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., Georgina Rodriguez

The 32-year-old made the announcement on Wednesday night shortly after his Portugal side were eliminated from the semifinals of the 2017 Confederations Cup by Chile.

Ronaldo’s other child, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, turned seven earlier this month.

The striker used his Facebook account to inform people of the news.

“I was in the service of the national team, as always, body and soul, even though my two children were born,” he wrote.

“Unfortunately, we have not been able to achieve the main sporting objective that we wanted, but I am sure we will continue to give joy to the Portuguese.

“The president of the Portuguese Football Federation and the national team have today had an attitude that has touched me and I will not forget.

“I’m very happy to finally be with my children for the first time.”

Who is the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s new kids?
Well, it’s certainly not his stunning girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. The 22-year-old model has over the past few weeks severally appeared in public, and did not spot a baby bump.

If she did, it certainly wasn’t big enough for her to have delivered two bundles of joy just this month.Georgina Rodriguez

Your safest bet – and one endorsed by several media outlets – is that Cristiano Ronaldo has used a surrogate mother.

He did the same with Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., with sources claiming that the egg did not even belong to the same woman who carried him.

There are still suggestions, however, that Rodriguez is also pregnant and set to bear a child for the Portugal captain.

It all started when Ronaldo posted this rather cryptic picture of himself and his girlfriend on Instagram last month. In the photo, his hand rests affectionately (or ominously) on Rodriguez’ tummy.Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez

Other reports published this week feature this carefully selected picture of the 22-year-old beauty in which she, well, shows some signs. She’s five months along, it is suggested.Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez

Just towards the end of last month, the Real Madrid striker’s mother, Dolores Santos, rubbished claims that Rodriguez was pregnant.

In her statement she also declared that she had no knowledge of her famous son wanting to become a father again.

“It’s just nonsense, it’s just a hand on the belly, and as far as I know, Cristiano will not be a father again,” she asserted.Dolores Santos, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., Georgina Rodriguez

Precisely a month later here we are! Ronaldo himself has confirmed that he has not one but two new children.

Are the children twins?
That’s another conundrum for Cristiano Ronaldo fans to rack their brains over.

Usually when one begets two children at the same time, they are twins who may or may not be identical.

But as of yet there’s no confirmation that they have been born to the same (surrogate) mother.

Similarly, the sex of the children is up in the air. Reports earlier this month spoke of a boy and a girl named Mateo and Eva respectively.

On the other hand, just hours after Ronaldo’s announcements, Spanish outlets say that the 32-year-old has fathered boy twins.

What we know for sure is that Portugal, who are prepping for a third-place Confed Cup match, have excused Ronaldo from their camp to go be with his now bigger family.

UPDATE 29/06/17 @ 18:00 GMT:- The children are indeed twins – a boy and a girl.

They were reportedly born to a surrogate mother on June 8 – three weeks ago – but Ronaldo only saw them on Wednesday.

It is yet to be confirmed whether their names are indeed Mateo (like Leo Messi’s son) and Eva. CR7 has provided a first glimpse of the newborns using his Instagram account.

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