Cristiano has a new challenge: 100 goals with Juventus

10:20 | 14 Dhjetor 2020

The Portuguese star reached 100 games with Juventus, but he himself has set himself a new goal: to reach 100 goals with ‘Vecchia Signora’.

Cristiano Ronaldo is an insatiable being. That is something well known to all. And, how could it be otherwise, he is also showing it in his time in Italy. In his 1-3 victory with Juventus against Genoa, where, in addition, he achieved a decisive double, he reached a magic figure: 100 games with ‘Vecchia Signora’ in just two and a half seasons. Precisely, a triumph that becomes historic for the Portuguese star. With this, he has already registered 400 victories in his career, positioned as the only one to achieve it in the 21st century (ahead of Messi with 365) of the five major leagues in Europe. Now, CR7 sets a new goal.

What better way to celebrate my 100th game with Juventus than by scoring two goals for the team? I’m very proud to reach this milestone in the ‘Vecchia Signora’ jersey, but guess what: I also have 100 goals in mind. with Juve . Until the end! “, Cristiano Ronaldo published on his social networks, which currently accumulates 79 goals from ‘bianconero’.

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