Casa Fiore is Cristiano’s favorite restaurant in Turin. The owner (Mr. Fiore indeed) released an interview to Tuttosport 🗣:

21:06 | 05 Dhjetor 2020

“A person calls me to book a table of three for Cristiano Ronaldo, for 9.30pm. Obviously I immediately say yes, but then I think, ‘And now how do I do it?’ I knew the place was already full, but given the time I was counting on the fact that a 7.30pm reservation would finish in time for 9.30pm.

To be safe, I borrowed a table from a nearby restaurant and set it up in a corner. Cristiano, Georgina and their eldest son, Cristiano Jr, arrived at 8pm. And there I said to myself, ‘What now? The customers were left speechless, no one spoke anymore. And above all, no one wanted to get up anymore, they were captured by CR7.No description available.

So I made Cristiano sit in the emergency table, but time passed and nobody got up. Cristiano did not bat an eyelid and Georgina and her son like him. At that juncture, I realized that Ronaldo, despite being a world star and the best player in the world, is first and foremost a decent boy. I can assure you that I have seen people far less famous than him leave after five minutes, and with arrogance, in such situations. He, on the other hand, waited for his table for almost forty minutes.”

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